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Prof Gary M K Tse
Dr Philip Iau
Dr Eliza Fung
Dr Rin Yamaguchi
Dr Puay-Hoon Tan
Dr Hoi Lun Chau
Prof Benjaporn Chaiwun
Dr Chii-Ming Chen
Dr Humairah Cheung
Dr Yi-Hong Chou
Dr Henry H S Lam
Dr Chun-Ying Lui
Dr Daniel Makes
Prof Malai Muttarak
Dr Alice Tang

Member List

Dr Gary Man-Kit Tse

Dr Tse is a professor in the Department of Anatomical and Cellular Pathology, Prince of Wales Hospital and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is the vice president for Asia for IAP, and the president-elect of the Hong Kong division of International Academy of Pathology. He is currently the regional editor for Histopathology, section head for Diagnostic Pathology, Associate editor for Pathology, editorial advisory board member for Cancer Cytopathology, and editorial board member for other journals including Acta Cytologica, Chinese Pathology Journal, Modern Pathology, Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology and others. Dr. Tse has given many invited presentations, convened regional and international meetings and has published actively in breast pathology, and has published more than 300 peer reviewed articles.

Dr Philip Iau

Dr Iau graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1989, obtained his FRCS in 1994 and his MD-PhD in 2004. He presently heads the Breast Cancer Workgroup at the National University Hospital, a multi - disciplinary treatment team consisting of surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and breast care nursing.  His main clinical area of expertise is in breast cancer surgery, with a particular interest in reconstruction following breast conserving surgery and sentinel node biopsy.  His work has been widely published in international journals and meetings, with a research interest mainly in BRCA gene mutations.  At the national level he co - chaired to committee for Breast Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines in 2002, and is presently the vice president of the Asian Breast Disease Association.

In addition to his contributions to breast cancer care, Dr Iau also heads the trauma service, having trained at the Johannesburg Trauma Unit in South Africa.  He sits on several advisory and training committees in both civilian and military settings, and has published widely on the use of systemic hemostatic agents in multiply traumatised patients.

Dr Puay-Hoon Tan

Dr Tan is a senior consultant histopathologist and the Head of the Department of Pathology, Singapore General Hospital in Singapore. She has an active interest in breast, urologic and renal pathology, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Pathology and Pathology. She also reviews for other international journals. She and her collaborators are recipients of several research grants. She is the author or more than 100 publications and has delivered succinct lectures in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.

Professor Benjaporn Chaiwun

Prof Chaiwun is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Her main interest in pathology is in breast pathology and cytology, and in due course of her career, she had spent some time in USA and Japan. She publishes extensively, and contributed to several chapters on topics including neuroendocrine and endocrine system, adrenal and thyroid immunomicroscopy and antigen retrieval in immunohistochemistry. She has published more than 50 articles in regional and international journals, many of which are related to breast diseases and are multidisciplinary. She is well known within the region, and has lectured extensively within the country, and also in the region including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore.

Dr Humairah Cheung

Dr Cheung has held posts in Radiology in the International Islamic University Malaysia, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and in several Hospital Authority hospitals in Hong Kong. She is currently a freelance private radiologist practising in Kuala Lumpur, and does breast imaging on a part-time basis at the National Cancer Society Malaysia.

She is currently President of the College of Radiology, Academy of Medicine Malaysia (2010-12), She has been an examiner for the Hong Kong College of Radiologists, and several Radiology training institutions in Malaysia. She presently sits on the Conjoint Board for radiology training in Malaysia as the College of Radiology representative.

Dr Yi-Hong Chou

Dr Chou is Chief of Ultrasound Section and Breast Imaging at Taipei Veterans General Hospital and Professor of Radiology at National Yang Ming University School of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan.

He is the former president of Society of Ultrasound in Medicine, ROC (SUMROC) (1995-1998), president of AOCR, currently the Secretary General of the Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (AFSUMB) and SUMROC, the President of Asian Breast Diseases Association (ABDA, 2011-), and the Congress President of AOCR 2010, the Treasurer of Asian Society of Radiology (AOSR) and President Elect of Asian Society of Abdominal Radiology (ASAR), the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Medical Ultrasound (JMU, the official journal of the AFSUMB), and the Associate Editor of the Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (the official journal of World Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, WFUMB). Dr. Chou has been active in scientific and education programmes nationally and internationally, and has organized a number of international congresses (e.g., AFSUMB 1998, AOCR 2010), workshops, and symposia, particularly on ultrasound, radiology and breast imaging.

He has expertise in all imaging modalities of breast diagnosis and screening of breast cancer. His scientific interests include ultrasound and radiology imaging analysis, computer-aided diagnosis and detection, and imaging-guided minimally invasive techniques. He has strong commitments to the teaching of clinical imaging and ultrasound, and all topics relating to ultrasound diagnosis, interventional procedures, and Doppler techniques. He devotes himself to promote the medical ultrasound education in the developing countries. He is one of the faculty of International Breast Ultrasound School (IBUS), the honorary fellow of AIUM, and is also the Secretary of the International Associate for Breast Ultrasound.

Dr Chou has published more than 330 articles and book chapters and has co-edited two books on abdominal and breast imaging. His current researches include clinical and experimental studies on various aspects of tumor vascularity with regard to color Doppler techniques and microbubble contrast agents, and interventional techniques in tumor ablation.

Dr Henry Hon-shing Lam

Dr Lam was the Chief of Service in Radiology of Kowloon West Cluster, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong. He is also Honorary Clinical Associate Professor of Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong. Dr. Lam is in charge of the mammographic screening service of the Well Women Clinic of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals which is the largest breast screening programme in Hong Kong. He is currently the Warden of the Hong Kong College of Radiologists. Dr. Lam is a reviewer of the Journal of the Hong Kong College of Radiologists and Hong Kong Medical Journal. He had been an examiner of the Joint Final Fellowship Examination of the Royal College of Radiologists & Hong Kong College of Radiologists in Hong Kong and the Final Master of Medicine (Diagnostic Radiology) Examination in SingaporeDr. Lam has given invited presentations within the region, and has numerous publications.

Dr Chun-Ying Lui

Dr Lui main interest is breast imaging, especially in the field of breast screening in Hong Kong as well as breast biopsy and lesion localization.  He has many publications in breast imaging including mammographic screening service of the Well Women Clinic of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals which is the largest breast screening programme in Hong Kong, MRI evaluation of PAAG breast augmentation as well as ultrasound guided vacuum assisted biopsy. He is currently the Council Member of Hong Kong College of Radiologists.  Dr. Lui has delivered many invited lectures in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.

Dr Daniel Makes

Dr Makes is currently a Senior Consultant Radiologist work in Jakarta City, Indonesia. He wrote four books, “Atlas of Breast Ultrasound & Mammography”, “Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: Radiodiagnostic and Radiotheraphy Aspect”, Ultrasonography of the Abdomen: Application in Daily Practise and Neck Ultrasound: Practical Application (all are in Indonesian language). Currently he is the Founding President of ABDA and the President of the Indonesian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ISUM). He has given 157 invited presentations in international, regional and national scientific meetings. Currently he is also the Director, Indonesia's World Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology - Center of Education (Indonesia's WFUMB-COE) and also an Editorial Member of Journal of Medical Ultrasound, the official journal of ASIAN Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology (AFSUMB).


Professor Malai Muttarak

Prof Muttarak is currently Professor of Radiology, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. She has numerous editorial appointments including Singapore Medical Journal and Electronic Biomedical Imaging and Interventional Journal, and she reviews for the Journal of Hong Kong College of Radiologists. She lectures extensively within the region, and has given talks in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. She is the author of three breast radiology books:

1. Film-screen mammography: Text-Atlas. Bangkok, PB. Book Center, 1995

2. Breast Imaging: A comprehensive Atlas. Thailand, Booknet Company, 2002

3. Breast Imaging and Intervention, 2010

She also contributed to

1. Corr P ed. Pattern recognition in diagnostic imaging. World Health Organization, 2001

2. Peh WCG, Hiramatsu Y eds. The Asian-Oceanian Textbook of Radiology. Singapore: TTG Asia 2003.

Prof Muttarak also publishes extensively, with more than 60 papers in peer reviewed journals. She also awarded a Certificate of Merit at the 99th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society in New Orleans, U.S.A., 1999, the 85th RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, U.S.A., 1999 and the 107th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society in Florida, U.S.A., 2007.

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